T.I. Crashes a Taylor Swift Show

October 3, 2011 By:
T.I. Crashes a Taylor Swift Show

T.I. was just released from prison and a halfway house less than a week ago and where does he decide to perform first? A Taylor Swift concert. He could go ANYWHERE and he shows up at a Taylor Swift gig. Oi vey.

Half the kids in the audience probably don't even know who he is, and the other half's parents were probably afraid that TI would influence their impressionable kids minds with lyrics about drug use and other "rap-music" things like non-supervised house parties and crack rocks. Let's be real, that's what your parents think rap music is, am I right?

Taylor Swift does this thing where she does covers of songs depending on what city she's performing in. So when she did two Atlanta gigs this weekend, the first night she sang Usher's 2004 hit "Yeah!" and Usher himself stepped onto the stage with T-Swizzle and then on Sunday night, Taylor started singing the Atlanta rapper T.I.'s hit song, "Live Your Life" and about 30 seconds into the performance, T.I. himself, sprung from prison, steps onto the stage to perform with the country sweetheart.

Taylor Swift sang all the "Rihanna parts" on the "Live Your Life" track and while Taylor could have been outsang by any girl at any karaoke bar anywhere, it was good to see TI doing his thing again.

Taylor tweeted afterwards, "Singing 'Live Your Life' with TI tonight was unreal. LOUDEST screams from the crowd, 14,000 people, hands in the air, welcome back @Tip!!”

Whatever, those kids were just confused. They probably thought he was Chris Brown the whole time.

And because no self-proclaimed pop musician travels without an entourage, T.I. hung backstage with Nelly and Young Jeezy while he tweeted, "Ahhh!!! Atlanta night 2: My backstage guests: T.I. Nelly and Young Jeezy!!"

T.I. also performed in Atlanta the night before with Young Jeezy at the 2011 BET Hip-Hop awards. It was his first performance after completing his 11 month sentence on Thursday, and he opened the show with Jeezy, whose nickname is the Snowman (rap nicknames. I can't deal) with Jeezy's new single, "F.A.M.E."

So technically T-Swift wasn't his first post-prison appearance, but it was still really random.

In other random T.I. news, T.I. was at a P.Diddy sponsored afterparty for the Hip-Hop awards and some guy started talking smack about P.Diddy's brand of vodka, Ciroc vodka, and the guy was apparently drinking grey goose at the bash. P.Diddy became so incensed that he snatched the drink from the partygoer's hand, throwing an ice cube at the man, and just as it looked like sh-t was about to go down, T.I took the microphone and suggested that Diddy and the man calm down.

T.I. apparently said, "I'd done enough time," as well as some other expletives that apparently convinced Diddy to get over his beef with the random partygoer.