Video: Taylor Swift Beatboxing with LL Cool J

December 6, 2012 By:

Taylor Swift let her hair down and unleashed T-Swizzle on us all last night. With her co-host and real rapper LL Cool J at the Grammy Nominations Concert in Nashville, Tay Doggy Dogg dropped some beats on stage with surprising results. Long-sleeve lace never looked so hard.

While LL spit Tay’s song “Mean,” Taylor got all up in your TV’s grills, throwing signs up in the air, and other semi-thug activities of your average high school sleepover.

Of course she didn’t take this whole thing toooooo seriously. The best part of this (besides it being over—for Taylor and for us) was seeing her cringe at herself for what she just wrought on America. +1 for self-deprecation, Taylor Swift.

This isn’t the first time the two have teamed up for some beatboxing action. In a promo spot for last year’s Grammy Awards, LL did the honors of leading the beats with Taylor chiming in with some hokey sounds of her own. “A” for effort.

We’re all well aware of how easily Tay is influenced and swayed by the men in her life (see every Taylor Swift song), so does this mean that a rap single is on the horizon? She just might be the first country-pop-rap-hip-hop crossover star in the making.