Wynnona Judd: Taylor Swift Too Young to Win

November 12, 2009 By:
Wynnona Judd: Taylor Swift Too Young to Win

Taylor Swift came out on top at last night’s CMA Awards. But that doesn’t means everyone in the industry agrees with the voting! Country music veteran Wynnona Judd had some choice words when it came to 19-year old Taylor winning the Entertainer of the Year award.

She told USA Today, "You want my honest comment? It's too much too soon. Time is God's way of keeping everything from happening at once. It's just too much of a good thing too soon. My thing is, being a home-school mum, I want kids to earn it... mum and I rode in a car for the first year of our career to visit radio stations.

There was a making of the star, there was a rising up, and the fans went with us. Now it's over coffee breaks, the success, almost. You have to play catch up. It's like the girl who wins an Oscar and she's under 20. What do you do from here?"

We agree that Taylor has had quite the year. She’s won countless awards, and surpassed numerous record holders on the Billboard ratings, and she’s done it all before age 20.

But it’s not like Taylor can help any of that! This is her year, and she’s a smart enough girl to be able to continue her success for years to come. There’s always going to be a newer, younger singer in the industry, and Taylor just happens to be that girl right now!