Taylor Swift's New Album Leaked

October 19, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift's New Album Leaked

There was bad news, and then there was good news.

Taylor Swift’s hot, hot, hotly anticipated Red, the country pop It girl’s fourth studio album, leaked in full yesterday.

A leaked album is sort of like the equivalent of an uninvited non-related common person crashing a Kennedy’s wedding, so let’s just consider this karma that set forth a trail of tears for her publicity team and Target liaisons, probably.

All those months of strategy meetings and Excel spreadsheets just wiped clean with the right click of a “Save Link As…” mouse on the Internet has got to suck. Though on the non-sucking side, the album reportedly doesn’t, so there’s some silver lining to this off-script story.

A bulk of the album was already officially released through Tay Tay’s weekly Monday morning countdown to Red on “Good Morning America” with songs like “Begin Again,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and the most recent “State of Grace.”

One of the too-soon songs to hit the web prematurely was “Everything Has Changed,” her duet with British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran that piqued fans’ curiosity ever since she talked it up months beforehand. The song is a stripped-down ballad about love at first that came together just as quickly, apparently. Ed told Rolling Stone magazine that the song was written in 20 minutes. “It was a really simple song to write. We just had two guitars and strummed it out.”

The majority of the album, which is receiving early raves, is predictably along these sort of topical lines: Taylor’s reflections of the heart—love songs—so not much has been spoiled by the leaked tunes, really.