Dia Frampton Beats out Christina and Adam on iTunes Charts

June 29, 2011 By:
Dia Frampton Beats out Christina and Adam on iTunes Charts

The contestants on The Voice are more popular that the judges. Ouch.

On Last nights performance the top four contestants took the stage with original songs written for each of their individual voices. Less than two hours after the show ended Dia Frampton’s song “Inventing Shadows,” was #2 on the iTunes singles chart.

A few hours later Dia was #1 on iTunes. The other show favorite, Javier Colon debuted his original song “Stitch by Stitch” and it is now #3 on the itunes charts.

Great news for Dia and Javier, not-so-good news for Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine. Christina and Adam’s recent single “Moves Like Jagger” has dropped down to #5 on the iTunes chart. That probably explains Christina’s bitterness towards Dia on the show last night.

Christina didn’t really have anything complimentary to say about Dia’s near perfect performance, she told Dia that she was distracted by the male dancers in the shadowboxes behind her. Adam echoed this sentiment as well saying he was distracted by the background action and didn’t comment on Dia’s voice.

So Blake Shelton, who mentors Dia, rebuttals with this gem, “You know what else is going to be distracting to them? When they look at their phones tonight and you’re on the top of iTunes above their records. That’s going to be so distracting to them, all that iTunes domination.”

Blake Shelton and Dia Frampton FTW.