T.I. Prepares for Prison Sentence

February 20, 2009 By:
T.I. Prepares for Prison Sentence

Rapper T.I. may be at the top of the charts now, but inside he’s probably feeling a little anxious. He begins his one-year prison sentence in a month, and has started preparing himself for it.

T.I.’s decided to go out with a bang, having planned a farewell tour for the weeks preceding his sentence. He’ll hit the road February 28th and play a series of concerts until March 15th when he’ll throw in the towel.

T.I. will be joined by Busta Rhymes and Keri Hilson on the road, beginning with a gig in Tampa Florida, and ending the tour on March 15th in Corpus Christi, Texas. On March 7th, T.I. will be joined by Young Jeezy, Plies, Rick Ross, and Yung L.A. in Detroit.

Meanwhile, T.I. has also taken the time to go back to court. He appeared at the Georgia Supreme Court today to talk to teenagers about breaking the law, and the consequences that go along with it. Most of the teens in attendance are currently serving juvenile sentences.

Here’s what he told them: "You can see from me that nobody is too rich, too famous, too cool, too good-looking or too young to make a mistake and pay a price for it. More important than the mistake you make, though, is what you are able to take away from that mistake. How can you use that mistake to ensure you will never make a similar mistake again?"

He also told them to work hard, stay in school and do what is necessary to get what they want in life.

"Education is more important than any material thing you can have. The things you do not have in your life, the things you do not have in your possession, will be a reflection of the things you have not learned."

That’s a pretty noble thing for him to do! Hopefully some of those kids will take T.I.’s words to heart and change their lives around. For more information on T.I.’s Road to Redemption tour, click