T.I. Walks Out of the Halfway House--He's a Free Man!

September 29, 2011 By:

T.I. is finally a free man. The rapper was released for good from the halfway house he was sentenced to stay at in Atlanta shortly after midnight last night.

This was the end of his 11-month sentence for violating his probation on charges related to drug and weapon possession, including the purchase of machine guns. What?! Anyways, he's served his time and legally crept out the back of the half-way house after midnight wearing red shorts, a denim jacket, waving to photographers before slinking into a SUV and driving off.

"[He] basically checked out of the halfway house for the last time," said Chris Burke, spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Since T.I. was released from prison, his path to freedom has been filled with drama.

He left an Arkansas prison on August 31 and chartered a luxury tour bus to get to the halfway house in Atlanta where he was supposed to carry out the remaining 30 days of his sentence. However, apparently there were some "music video" style hoodlumery going on in that tour bus. I'm talking poppin' bottles and busting caps. (I apologize, I grew up on MTV, this is all I know about hip-hop culture)

Kidding, that's not totally true. Basically, prison officials told T.I. he could only travel with his wife to the half-way house in a small van but was not authorized to charter the luxury bus that was filled with his entourage, including his manager and 2 VH1 producers and it was suspected that T.I was discussing filming his reality show for VH1.

So T.I. arrived at the halfway house only to be hauled back to prison because he wasn't "authorized" to take that tour bus.

Then two weeks later on September 15 he was released from prison and sent back to the halfway house.

Now that he's a free man, what's the first thing he's gonna do? Throw a lavish nightclub party and throw dollar bills everywhere? Nope, T.I. is hosting a "Welcome Home" brunch.

Brunch? When did T.I. become a single woman in her mid thirties? This aint a baby shower!?

The brunch will occur on Sunday October 2 and is estimated to cost $100K total. P Diddy is personally providing 150 bottles of his Ciroc vodka, one for each guest.

T.I.'s clothing line AKOO Clothing, is also providing custom-made clothing for each of his VIP guests.