New Timbaland Single Featuring David Guetta AND Pitbull, 'Pass at Me'

August 2, 2011 By:
New Timbaland Single Featuring David Guetta AND Pitbull, 'Pass at Me'

In case you forgot all about Timbaland, he's back and teaming up with that other uber-producer David Guetta and rap wunderkid Pitbull.

The new single "Pass at Me" somehow sounds just like a Timbaland/David Guetta/Pitbull song simultaneously.

This single is the best of the three artists talents. Timbaland does his traditional chant-singing with some help from auto-tune. David Guetta brings that clubby "ungst ungst" sound and Pitbull is just being Pitbull, aka making you feel like you live at a pool party in Miami all the time.

The single was released in conjunction with a video trailer for the book, "Culo by Mazzacco" which is a collection of photos of women's curves and asses.

The song and video is a weird pairing. The song reminds me of fist-pumping and stumbling around the club, but the video is a surreal collection of naked women supposedly celebrating the female body/empowerment whatever.

The meaning behind the book and it's trailer is that "the bottom" (or culo in Spanish) is the new epicenter of female sexuality, desire, and empowerment," says the press release.

A more appropriate song for this trailer would have been "Baby Got Back," but no matter. It's just a little disorienting when the song
chants "I love when you make a pass at me" and then the video shows a woman lying in a field. Regardless, the song is cool and an actual official video should be in the works soon.

Exclusive Video: A First Look at Culo by Mazzucco from Jessica Glavin on Vimeo.