Tokyo Police Club Will Slay Your A/C Unit with 'Hot Tonight' [Exclusive]

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Tokyo Police Club Will Slay Your A/C Unit with 'Hot Tonight' [Exclusive]
Image By: Jason Kempin

When Tokyo Police Club assembled to create their first EP, A Lesson in Crime, they banged out the entire project in three days. As astonishing as that is, the marathon of writing, demoing, and recording for their latest album, Forcefield, was equally impressive. 

"We started tracking in February 2013 and we finished in July. We wrote fifty songs for this record," said Greg Alsop, the group's percussionist. They gradually narrowed down their tracks to the brightest and best, sculpting a sound both familiar and stuffed with surprises.

The band's first EP was an indie call-to-arms, a torpedo of manic energy thundering rhythm and declarative pop brilliance. Since then the quartet has expanded, stripped down at times, and experimented. They arrived at Forcefield, an unabashedly fun effort with candid heart-on-sleeve sentiments and a sharper, more unified sound.

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"The Forcefield is just...we decided to erect that barrier around us and say, 'Look, we need to make this record and trust our instincts,'" stated Alsop. "Protecting ourselves from a lot of outside influence and direction that people expected us to go in, our label, our managers, friends even." 

The album's early phase is a vivid pop odyssey in and of itself - "Argentina (Parts I, II, III)." This nearly nine-minute ditty is a sparkling example of the fresh sound TPC has in-store throughout Forcefield. Bridging the old and familiar while daring to dream bigger is nothing new, but rarely is the journey this blatantly joyous and carefree. 

"In between the EP and Elephant Shells, those records sound very different to me and creatively we knew we couldn't retread that path," said Alsop. The Canadian natives embrace both change and growth with Forcefield in an effort to stay fresh for themselves as well as the audience. "I'm just hoping this record sounds like us," Alsop stated enigmatically.

The band is currently in the midst of a lengthy US tour that finds them yet to head west and through the South before circling back up to the Eastern seaboard. Check out their single, "Hot Tonight," below:

Check out the rest of their tour dates on their FB page!