Will Clubcast Ruin DJ Culture?

June 11, 2014 By:
Will Clubcast Ruin DJ Culture?

Mixify, the people who brought you the "online electronic music festival," which allows fans to hear and interact with DJs via live stream, started a new application. It's called Clubcast, and the main idea is to allow DJs to play gigs from the comfort of their own home. Their set is streamed live on a projector in the club, and the audience is also streamed live for the DJ.

Tommy Trash, Dirtyloud, and Congorock have already tested out the new application and are raving about how great it is. Yeah, it'll be easier for the DJs, who literally won't have to step foot outside their home to make money, but what will be the end result for us, the clubgoers?

We've broken down the pros & cons of Clubcast:



- Saves money for the promoter.
Event promoters no longer have to dish out big bucks to fly DJs to shows. 

- Promoters are able to book artists that they once couldn't afford.
They can book DJs for a fraction of the cost of a live booking.

- DJs can spend more time with family and loved ones.
If DJs don't have to spend all their time on tour, it can eliminate marital problems (ahem, cheating) and DJ parents can spend more quality time with their kids.

- You never, ever have to worry about your favorite DJ missing a show (well, probably).
DJs will no longer have to cancel shows due to visa problems, flight issues, etc. 

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- The DJ is not actually there.
Something about being in close proximity with your favorite DJ, them mixing into your favorite song, the one you've been waiting to hear all night...ahhh. But would it be the same seeing them on a screen? 

- The. DJ. Is. Not. Actually. There.
Clubcast claims their new app creates an "intimate" and "personalized" experience. What we find personal is being face-to-face with a DJ, so close you can actually touch their face and scream how much you love their music. THAT is intimate and personal.

Isn't that what you paid your hard-earned money for? Would rock fans pay to see their favorite bands perform via live stream? Would hip-hop fans pay to see their favorite rappers perform via live stream? We think not.


Anything we missed? Let us know what you think.