FYI: Darth Tupac, Snake DJs, Trebek Spits Bars

January 7, 2014 By:

Every day, the newshounds here at Stereotude trawl the depths of the Internet for the most fresh and wacky news in music. This is FYI:

Star Wars: According to an interview with Death Row Records chief engineer Rick Clifford, Tupac Shakur auditioned for the role of Mace Windu in Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace. The role eventually went to Samuel L. Jackson and then Tupac died. 

Grammys: Lorde and Metallica have been added to the already stacked line-up of performers at the upcoming Grammys. Metallica will be performing with famed Chinese piano virtuoso Lang Lang (weird) and Lorde will most likely perform "Royals," a song that rallies against pretty much everything the Grammys stand for. 

Watch: Rare footage of Nirvana's last performance at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles in 1993 has surfaced. Kurt Cobain died a few short months after. The performance opens with a cello and accordion, though, so don't expect any grunge-tinged madness. Watch via NME.

Snaking Tracks: Wonky French trap lord DJ Snake got in hot water yesterday after releasing a track that sounds EXACTLY like one released 4 months earlier by underground Seattle producer Breaux. Despite the two DJs making nice on Twitter, what actually happened is still unclear. Read more at Stoney Roads.

A-Treb: Watch Jeopardy's Alex Trebek spit bars like hip-hop's finest in last night's episode. Homeboy has got dat flow: