U2 to Donate Tour Profits to Charity

March 31, 2009 By:
U2 to Donate Tour Profits to Charity

U2 is gearing up for a world tour this summer, and they’re planning on donating $12 million of their expected profit to charity. Talk about a tax write-off!

U2 hits the road this June, starting off in Barcelona, going through Europe, and then coming to the United States in September. And they plan on taking all of the proceeds from the VIP auction ticket sales, which amount to $12 million, to a leading Aids organization.

Up to 600 stage-front tickets per gig are being sold off, with minimum starting bids of between $126 and $1,347. The profit will be being given to Global Fund, which helps fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa.

The band’s spokeswoman says, "All of U2’s income raised from the auction of Red Zone tickets will be donated to charity."

What an amazing thing to do. This is what sets U2 apart from other major bands. They’re always looking to do their part when it comes to charity and making the world a better place. We hope this inspires other artists to do the same.