Usher Rehires His Mother

December 4, 2007 By:
Usher Rehires His Mother

Seven months after firing his mother, R&B singer Usher had a change of heart and "resigned" her as his manager.

He tells Essence magazine, "It kills me when I read what my fans think about my relationship (with my mother) because it's so wrong.

"I didn't fire my mother. I resigned her. Her jersey hangs forever. I could have a million managers. I will only have one mother.

"Our professional relationship has been very rewarding, but our exchanges can be very hard and difficult. There are times when I don't need to sit and have a business conversation and have us end up bickering and fighting.

Rumor had it that Usher originally fired his mother because she didn't get along with his baby momma Tameka Foster. Does anyone like her?