Van Halen Disses One Direction, Calls Them "Dickheads"

October 17, 2012 By:
Van Halen Disses One Direction, Calls Them

Clearly, no one taught One Direction to respect their elders, or other bands that actually know how to play instruments, for that matter.

As these throbbing displays of bruised multi-million dollar egos always go, it all went down in the luxurious lobby of a British hotel this morning where American rock band Van Halen was apparently slighted by the “Live While We’re Young” quintet upon a chance meeting.

Bassist Wolfgang Van Halen (21-year-old manchild of iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen) had a field day on Twitter with some choice words for the boy band:

If Wolfgang weren’t just a rocker-by-daddy’s-osmosis I’d probably be more intrigued, but every reality TV show centered around a famous family with kids who’ve probably never washed a dish before just makes the whole brawl sound like some spilt organic milk on the marble mansion floor. Tip: Try the decaf with your morning caviar, Wolfgang.

Though in an attempt to sympathize with all parties, I’m going to guess that what had his thumbs so “insulted” on Twitter was the bands bumped into each other and One Direction genuinely didn’t know who Van Halen was because not a single Van Halen song showed up on the tracklisting of a “Now That’s What I Call Music 546” during their tender 19 years on Earth.

Probably the more entertaining part of this tiff is the expected army of One Directioners already coming to the band’s defense with accusations that they just want attention obvi and “Who are you?”-s and confusing Eddie Van Halen with Ed Hardy.