Video: Lady Gaga Throws Up On Stage

October 8, 2012 By:
Video: Lady Gaga Throws Up On Stage

She may have been hitting every note during her concert in Barcelona this past weekend, but maybe her gag relax could use some extra training.

Midway through a performance of “Edge of Glory,” Lady Gaga showed she was on the edge of her stomach. The pop singer came down with a case of the Justin Biebers and retched on stage in the middle of singing—not once, or even twice, but three times.

In the video, Gaga struts down a small flight of stairs as she enters the bridge of her song before abruptly turning her back on the audience to retch a few times. Because she’s the Mother Monster, unlike baby Biebs, the 26-year-old never runs off the stage and just jumps back into her choreography.

Props to her back up dancer, who sort of does his best to cover Gaga up as she hurls, stepping in front of her and giving it all with some probably unplanned interpretive dance moves. This is pretty much the back up dancer equivalent of holding back a friend’s hair as she ralphs in the bathroom of a sorority party. Work.

Showing a sense of humor, Gaga took to her Twitter to share the video with her 30+ million followers:

She later tweeted: “I still hit my routine mom!! :) Thank goodness for the Dorchester…I need some tea ,i think i just cried a little watching that.”

Bieber blamed the sudden case of sickness on a cup of milk and plate of spaghetti. Hmm, wonder what Gaga ate…her meat dress? Nope. The culprit may have been some of that local cuisine. Hours before, Gaga tweeted that she was eating paella. See, it’s all your fault Barcelona!