Video of the Week: "Decisions" by Borgore feat. Miley Cyrus

November 2, 2012 By:

Miley Cyrus has a music video out this week and it’s more totally random Miley behavior for the blogging masses. The dubstepped “Decisions” features Miley stumbling in a wedding dress, Miley making out with a masked unicorn/Liam Hemsworth, Miley creaming herself with cake frosting, Miley singin’ ‘bout bitches, and more Miley bein’ Miley.

Decisions we’re not clear on regarding “Decisions,” however, is when and where Miley and Borgore exchanged business cards and if this track will catch on and make it rain in the clubs. Probably not, but it continues to darken Miley’s image on the edges and showcase her interest in experimenting with her sound, so we’ll consider it a personal success.

Shot at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, underage-looking L.A. club kids get sweaty in the confines of the dance floor while Miley provides assisting harmonies to the song’s chorus: “Decisions, but I want it all, so I get it all / I wanna eat the whole cake / I’m not sharing, I’m not sharing / You should have learned how to bake.”

Also, I love a nice pop culture catchphrase that’ll endure for a solid 15 minutes just as much as the next entertainment blogger, but it seems like Borgore is trying a little too hard with the “Bitches Love Cake” t-shirts he shills at the end of the video, which makes you just want to tell the DJ to stop trying to make fetch happen.