"The Voice" Getting Two New Judges This Summer

September 11, 2012 By:

The sounds of “The Voice” have barely hit our ears and now there are already reports it’s gearing its spinning musical chairs up for a spring season next year.

The third season premiered last night and according to Billboard the producers want to capitalize on the ratings giant—it beats every other show besides “Sunday Night Football”—and streamline another season in time for next year’s spring cycle.

However, the problem with adding a spring edition is that two of the four current judges are expected to take a leave of absence, insiders says, leaving open seats for two new additions.

“Here’s the fact we decided: When you’ve been on this show, that’s your chair for life,” says executive producer Mark Burnett. “So if they have to tour and someone comes in for a season and then goes out for a season, comes back for a season, there will never be anyone getting replaced, ever.”

However, current judge country singer Blake Shelton isn’t totally on board with the idea.

“Obviously that’s a hard pill for me to swallow,” Shelton says. “I feel like I was part of the building of this process. We all worked out asses off on it. It would be hard for me to get up out of that chair and let someone else be there.”

There hasn’t been a formal announcement of this alleged spring season just yet, but given how popular the show is and its position to compete with “The X-Factor,” it’s a competition-within-a-competition worth following.