The Wanted "I Found You" Music Video

October 16, 2012 By:

It’s the greatest supernatural war since vampires and lycans, and in another reminder that One Direction and The Wanted are not mutually exclusive, the latter’s music video for “I Found You” (which premiered last night) fades in with a Parental Advisory Explicit Content disclaimer.

In this case, the distinction is that One Direction are boys, but The Wanted are sharply dressed men.

The video (directed by Britney Spears’ “I Wanna Go” director Chris Marrs Piliero) begins with the boy—sorry GROWN MEN—strutting through some brownstone warehouse street, brooding with more purpose in their eyes than Felix Baumgartner, to find a bound and gagged supermodel in an undisclosed location, though their ulterior mission no doubt is to forever remind us that The Wanted are not a boy band. Ever heard of a men band? No, you haven’t. Those are just called bands, and The Wanted is a band.

Anyway, “I Found You” is the group’s latest single: a Steve Mac-produced track is more in dance step with their “Glad You Came” sound—electro-heavy beats with a neo-soul falsetto chorus that harks of Miike Snow or Sam Sparro. However with Enrique Iglesias’ sparkly “I Finally Found You” also already on the airwaves, it seems like a lot of dudes want to find you on the dance floor these days and it’s starting to feel kiiiiiind of clingy, guys.

“I Found You” is the lead track off their next studio album, their sophomore effort Battleground, out on November 4.

Watch the new video above.