FYI: The Unwanted, Little Lorde, Ron's Wrecked Balls

January 22, 2014 By:
FYI: The Unwanted, Little Lorde, Ron's Wrecked Balls
Image By: Christopher Polk

There's so much music news floating around the Internet, it's hard to keep up. We know you're busy sexting or whatever it is that you kids do, so we did the hard work for you: Here is a roundup of news from around the music world. This is FYI:

Breakups!: Despite being from two opposite ends of the music spectrum, both British boy band The Wanted and hipster darlings Vivian Girls have announced breakups. Vivian Girls have been getting progressively crappier since their first album and The Wanted have always been crappy, so it's no big loss either way (Via Idolator and Consequence of Sound).

There's Two of Them!: Lorde's little sister India has started to post tracks on SoundCloud. They're not particularly good, but she's 14 for chrissakes, stop being so judgmental!


HBD, Mrs. President: Beyoncé performed at the White House as part of the celebrations for the FLOTUS's birthday. This is some real Illuminati shit. Check out the pictures via Uproxx.

Mogwhiskey: Scottish post-rock overlords Mogwai have released a small batch of very strong whiskey. It's named "RockAct81w" and it'll warm up your insides on the frostiest of Scottish nights as you get down to layers and layers and layers of reverb. (Via Consequence of Sound)

Wrecked Balls: This is one of those things you don't wanna watch but can't ignore, much like Miley herself: Ron Jeremy's remake of "Wrecking Ball." No points for timeliness, but definitely points for the amazing combination of sleaziness and hamminess that only Mr. Jeremy can pull off. He does have pretty eyes, though.