Band Advice with Warpaint

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Band Advice with Warpaint
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Warpaint know a thing or two about compromise. Their new self-titled album features influences from all four of the band's leading ladies and their sound is that much fuller because of it. We got a minute with the Los Angeles based psych rockers' bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg and she schooled us on how to deal with some tough problems that come with being in a band:

Our drummer is always late! She's pretty good, but she can never show up on time. It is becoming a problem.

I would say play a joke on her. Just start fucking with her…Play a practical joke. Or give her an ultimatum!

Our lead singer has taken on a mild cocaine habit and is now in love with performing long, meandering solos. What should we do?

GIve him an intervention. First about the cocaine and then about the solos.

Our label just offered us $100,000 to release a song with Kid Rock. Should we do it?

Sure. Why not? Kid Rock is awesome. It'll be an experience if anything.

Our lead singer insists on playing his solo songs during our sets...but they suck! How do we approach it?

Each person gets to play their own song as well. 

Our rehearsal space keeps raising the rent and the owner is a creeper. What should we do?

I would move rehearsal spaces! That's easy! It isn't the easiest thing to do, but you gotta get outta there. 


Check out the video to their new single "Love Is To Die":

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