Watch this Psy-chedelic Halloween Light Show

October 26, 2012 By:

Someone was working over time this holiday and we’re not only talking about Psy here, who’s been making the horse-galloping television rounds all summer, fall, winter, forever. The “Gangnam Style” singer has left such an indelible mark on popular culture this year we officially live in a timeline of B.P. and A.P. (Before Psy and After Psy).

The Korean sensation’s sound has spread to even the small rural area of, according to a YouTube comment, Leesburg, Virginia where this Halloween spectacle is set up.

Synchronized to the E.D.M. tune and sporting the technical use and prowess of over 8,500 lights and 250 channels of computer animation, this house has the most attitude on the whole trick or treating block. It’s currently racked up over a million views after just nine days of being uploaded to the video sharing site.

The light show dedicates itself to the entire song with a lit-up jack o’ lantern that mouths the lyrics to comedic effect (even this “Psy” has “back-up singers”). If you want to join in, use our guide to dress up like Psy and try to steal the show.

Fun, but would you want to live next to this house on Halloween? With all the millions he made of it, hopefully Psy will cover this guy’s electric bill.