Why Is This Flambunctious British Kid a YouTube Star?

March 6, 2014 By:
Why Is This Flambunctious British Kid a YouTube Star?

Meet Jack King. He's a little British boy who emerged on YouTube a couple years ago singing pop songs on his webcam, prefacing every performance by yelling "Mom, don't come in!". Something about his boundless energy and fabulous gesticulations resonated with the world. His videos have racked up millions and millions of hits. His singing is, well, not particularly good, but his allure is about the whole performance. Have a look for yourself. 


He calls himself Cameradancer and it's obvious that he was born to be a star:


He even got some Twitter love from Skrillex:


Unfortunately for Jack, the attention faded pretty fast. His more recent videos have as little as 3,000 views and he returned to being just another weird kid dancing around his bedroom.


The Internet is a funny place. We don't know why this kid became a star...or why that star faded away. All we know is that Jack King is rad. 

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