19 Song Covers That Sounded Way Better When You Were Drunk

August 22, 2013 By:

Drunk people singing is a wonderful thing, as long as you're not the person doing it. Here are some people who probably wish the camera wasn't rolling when they were belting out their favorite tunes.

01. Yeah, bro… you killed it.

02. Seriously, you guys, we could TOTALLY be a boy band.

03. Comment dis tu "YOLO?"

04. Well, this is slightly racist…

05. Friday night is this cat's least favorite night for a reason.

06. Unbuttoning your shirt was probably not a good idea, huh?

07. Embracing your inner hillbilly grunge. "Priceless adviiiiiiiice…"

08. Swinging for the fences.

09. Bey would be so proud. The twerking really sells it. 

10. Praise the Lord! That grace WAS amazing.

11. A for effort. Another A for all the Advil you'll need in the AM.

12. This is just painful.

13. Champions...

14. Ughh…

15. Don't stop believing… you're hammered.

16. It's amazing he's still sitting upright. 

17. We should probably end this.

18. But the show must go on...

19. Yup, we're done here.