Madonna Staged Her Own Whitney Houston Memorial in NY Club

February 20, 2012 By:
Madonna Staged Her Own Whitney Houston Memorial in NY Club

Madonna wasn’t invited to Whitney Houston’s New Jersey funeral on Saturday, so the Queen of Pop did what any pop star would do in the same situation, she threw her own impromptu Whitney Houston memorial at a nightclub.

Yep, they do things different in Hollyweird. Madonna and a large group of her back-up dancers hit up NYC hotspot Mister H in the Mondrian Soho hotel dressed all in black and dancing in honor of the late singer.

“Madonna was sitting down, watching as her dancers showed off their skills,” a source tells Us Weekly, “When the DJ began to spin Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody,’ Madonna perked up and started lip-synching the words.”

Ok, so it wasn’t so much of a “Whitney Houston tribute” but rather “A Whitney Houston song came on at the club and Madonna happened to be dressed all in black.” Also, why was it important to mention that Madonna’s dancers were “showing off their skills?” Gotta love those “sources.”

The source also adds that Madonna and her dancer crew were taking over nearly the entire club, and since Madonna is famous, her crew needed to be secluded away from all the regulars, leaving the regular club goers very little space to dance.

Madonna was spotted chatting with security to move her crew to a smaller space so that everybody in the club would have room to move around.

Madonna is so nice, you guys, like the nicest. Not only does she tribute Whitney Houston by “lip-synching the words” to a Whitney Houston song but she also forces her dancers into confined spaces so that non-famous people can’t make googly-eyes at her in the club.