Mariah Carey Makes A Whitney Houston Tribute Video

February 21, 2012 By:
Mariah Carey Makes A Whitney Houston Tribute Video

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston once teamed up for the song “When You Believe” for the 1998 movie "The Price of Egypt" and now Mariah Carey has released on her official YouTube page a video montage of the two friends singing the iconic song.

It’s a really sweet and moving video seeing these two pop divas in their prime singing one of the greatest songs ever. Ok, maybe I’m biased but “The Price of Egypt” was a huge hit when I was 10.

Mariah and Whitney stayed friends after that collaboration and Carey cancelled a TV appearance on February 12 after hearing about Whitney’s passing.

Carey wrote on her twitter, “Remembering Whitney…Whitney, my friend, I love you, I miss you. Your legend lives on forever.”

The video has footage of the two in several live performances, clips from the music video, and still photos of the two women being besties. It’s honestly a really good video tribute. The two women look amazing and even if you don’t like that song, it’s still very moving.

Mariah writes, “Some of the beautiful moments of Whitney & Mariah shared together on camera during the recording and performing their Oscar winning duet “When You Believe.” R.I.P Whitney Elizabeth Houston. The world will always love you.”

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