Sony Cashes in on Whitney Houston's Death by Raising Cost of Music

February 14, 2012 By:

In a move that is considered very tacky by some, Sony has nearly doubled the cost of Whitney Houston’s music in iTunes in the aftermath of her death.

While people are racing to iTunes to buy and remember her music, Sony used that as an opportunity to raise the costs of her songs.

At first, fans were outraged with Apple that the prices had been raised, but sources say that it is in fact Sony that owns the rights to the singer’s back catalogue of music and if anyone is going to point a finger, you should direct it to Sony Music.

After Whitney’s passing was announced, the price of her Ultimate Collection album increased in price from around $9.99 to $14.99.

Even with the price hike, Whitney’s The Greatest Hits album is number #2 on the iTunes 10 Ten albums chart. Her songs hold three spots on the Top 10 songs list, including the number #1 spot with “I Will Always Love You.”

Neither Sony nor Apple has released a statement, but Sony is coming under a lot of heat for raising the prices.

Some economists are defending Sony and said that the price went up because the demand went up as any album on iTunes would do automatically, regardless if the demand is high because the person just died.

Regardless, fans are pissed. I mean, the cost of her album went up within 30 minutes of her passing. Tsk Tsk Sony.