Whitney Disappoints Australian Fans

February 23, 2010 By:
Whitney Disappoints Australian Fans

Word on the street is that Whitney Houston’s concert in Australia last night was horrendous! Her performance has also sparked concern that the poor health rumors floating around are indeed true.

According to Contact Music, Whitney only sang two songs before she was forced to take a break. She then came back and sang six more songs, reportedly coughing through the tracks, before leaving the stage and calling on her brother Gary to take over the microphone and sing. Whit also paused during “I Will Always Love You” to take sips of water.

One disappointed fan told the Courier-Mail, "She was not fit to perform. She seemed to be on another planet, and the concert was laughable. When the back up singer's performance is the stand out for the night you know something is wrong."

"She barely finished any of her songs and talked more than she sang while trying to catch a breath, as well as stopping in the middle of her songs to get a towel, reapply makeup,” added another concert-goer. "I've never seen so many people walk out and be disappointed."

Another said: "Surely there must be grounds for a refund."

So is Whitney really battling bad health? Houston's rep is blasting the claims, insisting they’re "ridiculous". In addition, her promoter Andrew McManus is standing by Whitney, and released this statement today:

"As for some of the negative 'vocal minority' … all I can say is, what happened to the Australian positive support of someone who has seen difficult times, and is now up on stage, warts and all, presenting herself like an open book for the world to see. And they want to ridicule Whitney?"

Check out her performance of “I Will Always Love You” below—what do you think?