Whitney Houston Disappoints Her UK Fans

April 14, 2010 By:
Whitney Houston Disappoints Her UK Fans

Whitney Houston returned to the UK stage for the first time in 11 years, but she didn't get the warm welcome she was hoping for.

Whitney fans were left disappointed with her lackluster performance and scratchy voice.

One fan tells the UK's Daily Mail: "I was waiting for the Trading Standards guys to call a halt and offer us our money back. It was a con, a rip off. It wasn't a concert."

At one point last night she reportedly took 15 minutes for a mid-concert costume change. When she returned to the stage, she jokingly said to the audience: "I could hear you getting pissed off."

Whitney Houston Hospitalized

Just last week Whitney was rushed to the hospital in France after experiencing "nose and throat problems." She was supposed to start her European tour last Tuesday but scrapped the show because of a “respiratory infection.”

Of course Whitney fans presumed she was back on drugs, but she claims she's 100% clean. Check out her performance below and you be the judge...