Will 'The Voice' Help Christina Aguilera's Career?

April 25, 2011 By:
Will 'The Voice' Help Christina Aguilera's Career?

For the past year or so it seems there’s been a black cloud over Christina Aguilera’s career. Burlesque was a disaster, her album was a flop and she was the laughing stock of the Superbowl after she flubbed a line.

But can her new NBC show ‘The Voice’ save her career? Just weeks after she was taken into custody by police for being a drunken mess in public, everyone is excited about the newly single singer again.

“There’s a much happier, confident woman portrayed on the show than you ever thought,” says the show’s host Carson Daly.

According to Newsweek, viewers are already comparing Christina’s comeback to J.Lo’s on American Idol. Everyone thought J.Lo was this demanding diva, but after just one episode into Idol, she became known as a total sweetheart.

Mark Burnett, who’s worked with J. Lo before and is now executive producer of The Voice, has only nice things to say about the competition.

“People love Jennifer Lopez,” he says. It’s not her that’s changed, it’s the perception. “If millions of people are with you as a viewer every week, they get to know you better.”

And Christina is hoping to do the same with her new show. “This is a really interesting time to show my own personal side that my friends get to see,” she said.

“I’ve definitely gotten stronger in light of everything that’s happened,” she says. “I’m so proud of myself to get through these things, to get back on my feet…This is a new beginning for me.”

What do you think of Christina’s big comeback?