FYI: Sues Pharrell, Frank Ocean Premieres New Tracks

June 26, 2013 By:

Sorry, Justin Bieber. Miley Cyrus has bested the professional boy crooner’s VEVO record for plays in 24 hours with “We Can’t Stop.” (Mashable) is not happy about Pharrell Williams’ “I am OTHER” brand because it contains the phrase “I AM.” Bring on the lawsuit. (Rolling Stone)

North America is officially about to get a little bit cooler. Ms Mr has announced tour dates. Get ready, U.S.A.! (Idolator)

As expected, Kanye West beat out J. Cole last week in record sales, but not by very much. (Potholes in My Blog)

Just days after we got word that Jay-Z used Nirvana lyrics in his new album, it’s looking like Hova has sampled R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion,” too. (MTV)

The Jonas Brothers are continuing to develop their sound beyond what you’d expect. Their new single, “First Time” is available now. (MTV)

Dear reporters… Do not screw with Rihanna. Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones did and now she’s got the whole navy after her. (Billboard)

Your best friend Frank Ocean has premiered three tracks from his new album during live performances. YouTube videos relay the experience. (Consequence of Sound)

Daft Punk has remixed their song, “Get Lucky.” It’s ten and a half minutes long and, duh… of course it’s dope. (Consequence of Sound)

Concert promoters AEG have been warned by the Advertising Standards Authority to not label an upcoming Kanye West concert as a “one-off,” because frankly it is not. (NME)