Whoops! Local News Correspondent Thinks Will.i.am is Wyclef Jean

November 8, 2012 By:

A hiccup on a local news show that’s been making the rounds online today. Reporting from Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago last night, WSVN’s Blake Burman messes up his introduction to entertainer will.i.am thinking he’s Wyclef Jean, Wale, and probably any other black guy not on his iPod. He was close though as they all start with “W”s, but fell victim to the stereotype that all Black…Eyed Peas look alike.

“That’s Wyclef Jean giving an interview,” Blake deadpanned into his camera as it moved to reveal someone who wasn’t Wyclef Jean. He continues into his election night coverage spiel, interrupted by an out-of-frame presence telling him the correct name while also covering their own mouth in embarrassment, probably.

Blake then quickly “corrects” himself, crying out, “Wale! Excuse me. Wale. Got my artists mixed up.”

It’s not until later that he FINALLY gets it correct with a final attempt. “will.i.am. Good grief, I am tired. I got it on the third time guys.” The correspondent continues to harp on this blooper on track to inspire a scene in the next season The Newsroom for the rest of the evening as if to do the most he can to self-sufficiently deflect the flack he knows he’ll be getting for it from co-workers and anyone with an internet connection.

Anyway, who.o.ps!