Will.i.am and Jennifer Lopez's New Music Video for "T.H.E." (The Hardest Ever)

December 13, 2011 By:
Will.i.am and Jennifer Lopez's New Music Video for

Will.i.am released the video for his new single "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)" and it features some sexy cameos from Jennifer Lopez on the chorus.

Right out the gate and there is an ad for an HTC phone. There's a great 10 second long close-up shot of the phone as if we're not supposed to notice it at all. Hey at least they weren't driving around in a Fiat car the entire video.

After they got that product placement out of the way, Will.i.am appears and does a series of impressive things like breaking through a concrete wall, riding on top of a moving train, jumping out of a jet, etc...you get the picture.

And then a sexy and sultry J.Lo appears and does a kind of low-key strip tease. Wearing a variety of outfits like a lace bodysuit and a strappy leotard, she appears in a series of psychedelic holograms while will.i.am pilots a spaceship.

She rocks out to the chorus "You can go hard, or you can go home." Then, in a weird twist, Mick Jagger is in the video. He sings on the same chorus as J.Lo and dances around while Will.i.am is still trying to pilot the spacecraft through the stars.

However, Mick Jagger proves his moves are way better than Adam Levine’s "Moves like Jagger."

This might be the weirdest video I've ever seen. J.Lo's sex appeal, Will.I.am piloting a spaceship and then Mick Jagger dancing around like this is The Rolling Stones and it's still 1965? Nothing in this video makes sense, but it's worth it to watch J.Lo and Mick Jagger do their things.

The song is the first single from will.i.am's upcoming #willpower album that is due out in early 2012.

Debuting the video on his Goggle+ page this morning, he wrote, "This next journey is not going to be easy," Will.i.am wrote along with the video post. "The black eyed peas was so successful...beyond what I initially dreamed of...but just because the black eyed peas was a success it doesn't mean I'm going to be successful as a solo act...(This is know)...that is why I titled this 1st single (the hardest ever)...because the journey is hard...and I will do it alone...this video is about my new mission and obstacles."

We shall see if this solo project will fill the void as the Black Eyed Peas takes a hiatus.