Will.i.am Buys Houses for His Family Members

July 20, 2009 By:
Will.i.am Buys Houses for His Family Members

One of the perks of being a super celebrity like will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas is that you can splurge on very expensive gifts for your family members. In Will's case, it's swanky houses!

He told the Mail on Sunday's Live magazine: "The best thing about fame is buying houses for my family. I've bought five so far. First I bought one for my mum, then one for my grandma.

"Now I'm moving my aunt and cousins out of the ghetto. I think it's something every kid dreams of - earning enough money to make a
difference in the lives of those you love. I'm not ready to get married yet.
I want to work on myself. I want to go to college and get a technology

What a classy guy! Will.i.am often uses his celebrity power to help those less fortunate then him. If he's not buying family members homes, he's opening up schools for underprivileged children. Now that's a great role model!