Willow Smith Releases New Single with Nicki Minaj - Fireball

October 5, 2011 By:
Willow Smith Releases New Single with Nicki Minaj - Fireball

If you thought Willow Smith was just a hair whipping one-hit wonder, you would be wrong. The 10-year-old spawn of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith has just released her third single and it's HOT!

Willow just dropped her new single "Fireball," (pun intended - dropped it cuz it's so hot! Heyo! Snoop Dogg knows what I'm talking about!) and her new rap single features none other than Nicki Minaj lending her skills to a verse or two.

While her first single, "Whip My Hair" was a cute anthem song, her second single "21st Century Girl" didn't really make headlines, but now this new song, "Fireball" proves that little Willow can hold her own against rap music's superwoman, Nicki Minaj.

Willow shouts in the intro, "uhm hello, can we get this party started?" Yah sure, the snack table is in the corner and a couple kids are playing pin the tail on the donkey. I love that Willow makes songs where she acts like she's NOT 10 years old.

She raps, "I'm the fireball of the party." I don't know what little kid's birthday parties she's going to, but they sound awesome. Fireballs? I had a petting zoo party when I was 10. I wish I was friends with Willow Smith.

Other lyrics include, "Watch the fire burn/ watch me heat it up/Leader of the new school and yes I'm gonna light up the block/take the stage when I want to."

Oh but my favorite, "Don't ask me to walk it out, I walk with a swerve." She has so much premature swag! How does she know how to be absolutely fierce?! Oh right, Will Smith is her dad.

Before Nicki takes a verse, Willow spits this rhyme, "My whole crew is fresh and they roll with me." But can they truly "roll" with her? She can't even drive a car. Are they rolling up on bikes?

Even though this is a kids song, Nicki goes as hard as you'd expect for a Willow Smith track.

"It's going down like a bum knee," raps Nicki and also, "When it's time to whip your hair, put your braids up," which is actually very good advice to avoid getting smacked in the face with your own braids. Thanks for the advice Nicki! But really, what the heck do you rap about on a song about a pre-teens party? There's only so many ways you can say "let's get this party started" with a G rating.

The cover art for the single is a fireball emblazoned with a giant "W." Willow actually tweeted about the single's release yesterday, "My new single is coming soon, really soon, like maybe tomorrow soon :) #FIREBALL :)"