Wu-Tang's GZA Explains the Universe in One Epic Rap Lecture

November 21, 2013 By:

Perhaps you’re in a bad mood. Perhaps your cat’s sick and has to spend the night at the vet under supervision, while you sit at home anxiously eating an entire jar of olives and watching reruns of “Restaurant: Impossible.” Maybe you got nail polish on your favorite shirt because the phone rang while you were waiting for your nails to dry, and long story short you can’t ever wear it again. Perhaps you just realized you spent the last three hours looking through pictures of your sort-of girlfriend from high school only to end up feeling empty, which caused you to reexamine your entire life from that point on. Or perhaps nothing’s good on reddit right now...

Well, none of that matters.

In what appears to be a promotional move for his forthcoming LP Dark MatterGZA from the iconic rap group Wu-Tang Clan is giving you something to smile about, even through the tough times. During a lecture at the University of Toronto, the rapper explained the beginning of the universe in poetry-rap form. The main purpose of it, as GZA explains from behind the podium, is that “no matter where you start out in life, or what career you choose, do not stop learning about yourself and the universe.”

Watch the absolute grace of this perfect moment in history below.