Wyclef Dedicates A Song To Venus Williams

August 25, 2008 By:
Wyclef Dedicates A Song To Venus Williams

Wyclef has dedicated one of his songs to tennis champ Venus Williams. The two were paired on an episode of Iconoclasts (which if you haven't seen, Tivo it!) and he felt so inspired by her that he had to write about her. The song is called I'm Ready, and is an ode to how amazing she is in her field.

Wyclef says, "Venus' determination and mental strength inspires me! Much like Isis, her strength should be celebrated."

Venus responded with, "I was so happy to meet Wyclef and work with him on our 'Iconoclasts' episode but not even in my wildest imagination, did I expect that such a beautiful song would be one of the outcomes from meeting Wyclef. He is an amazing human being and it is truly an honor for me to be recognized in such a wonderful way by such a gifted musician and exceptional person."

Check out the song here!