X-Factor Finale Performances

December 22, 2011 By:
X-Factor Finale Performances

Tonight, we find out who becomes the next winner of the first season of The X Factor, but last night the final three contestants: Josh Krajick, Chris Rene, and Melanie Amaro took to the stage to perform celebrity duets and one solo song in order to win the hearts of America. Let’s get a play-by-play of the performances.

Josh Krajick performed “Uninvited” with Alanis Morissete, and while Krajick seemed stunned to be working with THE Alanis, mostly, Josh Krajick was just remembering that poster of Alanis Morissette he stared at every night before he went to bed as a kid. Also, how hard is it to harmonize with Alanis Morissette? It’s like trying to get a cat to harmonize with Mariah Carey, it can be done, but it sounds real effing weird. However, Alanis says of Krajick, “He’s a very soulful man.”

Later in the show he performed an acoustic guitar assisted version of Etta James classic, “At Last” and it was pretty awesome. This is also the song he performed at his audition, so it was very much full circle last night. Nicole Scherzinger watched on like a proud mama hen, holding back tears and giving him a standing ovation for the entire performance.

Chris Rene, who usually shines when he performs his own original songs, did a duet with Avril Lavigne on her first radio hit, “Complicated” and left me wondering if no-one else in the entire music industry was available to do the show last night. Besides the fact that this song was not in a key that Rene could handle…Avril Lavigne? Really? A Justin Bieber duet would have been more appropriate. However, on the upside, Chris Rene got like super hot over the course of this season. Ladies amiright?!

For Rene’s second performance he did his original song, “Young Homie” and thankfully for him, everyone loves that song! Men, women, and babies all love “Young Homie,” so he redeemed himself there. Good job Chris Rene!

Now, I saved the best for last. Lets be real, she’s probably gonna win, it’s Melanie Amaro! She was joined by R.Kelly on his classic “I Can Believe I Can Fly,” but unfortunately it wasn’t her best performance. LA Reid says, “I felt you were overshadowed by R.Kelly, I didn’t get the full on Melanie I am used to getting.” But no matter, the audience continued to chant “Mel-an-ie” the entire time the judges attempted to critique the contestants. Later in the show she performed Beyonce’s song “Listen” and if everyone in the audience wasn’t uncontrollably sobbing, then they didn’t have a heart!

Who is going to be crowned the next winner of The X Factor? Who will take home the $5 million prize and the Pepsi Super Bowl commercial? Find out tonight, on FOX!