"X Factor" Recap: 16 Finalists Revealed

October 25, 2012 By:

Episode 11 was tears, tears, and more tears. It was an hour-long episode more epic than two seconds of Claire Danes’ and Julianne Moore’s cry faces from any of their shows. Combined.

It also featured YOUR tears. You know, the ones you shed when last week’s episode of live performance reveals were cut short due to a baseball rain delay. Finally seven nights later you can wipe away those streaks and stop taking your anger out on sports so much because the sixteen finalists have been revealed.
Here are the final (finally!) results:

Teens (Team Britney)

- Diamond White

- Carly Rose Sonenclar

- Arin Ray

- Beatrice Miller

The “I Wanna Go” singer told two that they had to go of course, and sent James Tanner and Reed Demming back to their respective middle and high school hallways.

Over 25s (Team L.A.)

- David Correy

- Jason Brock

- Tate Stevens

- Vino Allan

L.A. who always makes the most polarizing decisions of the judges it seems (he’s sort of out of his teenybopper comfort zone here mentoring the over 25 age bracket) sent Tara Simon home, leaving him with an all male group to work with.

Groups (Team Simon)

- Emblem3


- LYRIC 145

- Sister C

Simon’s decisions, however, are always more on point and tend to display a sense of logic. He ended the show short for groups Dope Crisis (not marketable enough) and Playback (because One Direction already exists).

Young Adults (Team Demi)

- Cece Frey

- Jennel Garcia

- Paige Thomas

- Willie Jones

Demi’s working with the category, besides groups, that has the most viable of futures for whomever wins that $5 mill. Surprisingly, she sent Jillian Jensen (the most dramatic of good byes) home along with Nick Youngerman.