Video: Chris Rene Wows X-Factor US Judges

September 22, 2011 By:
Video: Chris Rene Wows X-Factor US Judges

The X-Factor pulled out all the stops last night! If you thought X-Factor was just going to be American Idol: The Sequel, you would be wrong!

From a 13-year-old girl who could belt Duffy’s “Mercy” better than the original but claimed “My family has no money,” to a 42-year-old single mother who bared her soul in a gut wrenching performance of “Natural Woman,” The X-Factor was THE weepiest show on television last night.

But the show-stopping performance of last night came from 28-year-old trash hauler, Chris Rene.

Chris Rene is struggling to raise his two–year-old son after battling drug addiction for the last 10-15 years. Chris claimed he just got out of rehab and has been sober for 70 days before he launched into a performance of his own original song called “Young Homie.”

Chris has all the makings of a singing competition superstar. Difficult upbringings? Check. Single Parent? Check. Original song? Check. Winning this show could change his/her life forever, and especially the life of his/her children? CHECK!

When Chris first took to the stage, the judges had no idea what to expect. He seemed liked a regular dude in his twenties in an oversized white t-shirt and when he told the judges he was going to sing a song he wrote called “Young Homie” it was met with sneers and eye-rolls from the judges.

About 30 seconds into the song, the judge and the audience realized that this was a hit song. Boasting lyrics that illustrate his struggles with drugs and alcohol he crooned, “This is the remedy, I got the recipe, I don’t need no Hennessy.”

Every judge was bobbing along to the catchy radio-ready song, well except Simon, but “head bobbing” isn’t really his thing.

After Chris finished his song, Nicole Scherzinger claimed, “Honey, I’m tripping on you. I can’t even describe your talent, it’s indescribable, you have the x-factor.”

The Paula chimed in, “You are so talented, words can’t articulate.” But then again, when has Paula ever been able to articulate.

LA Reid, who used to be the CEO of Def Jam Records claimed, “I have worked with some of the greatest hip hop artists from Jay Z to Kanye West. You are THE TRUTH.”


But it was the usually stoic Simon that Chris was waiting to hear from. Simon revealed, “My favorite feeling in the world is when I sit in this chair and I meet a star for the first time,” and then after a very dramatic pause, “Maybe you need the show…and maybe, we need you.”


As Coldplay’s “Fix You” played in the background, Chris Rene gushes, “The first best day of my life was when my son was born. The second best day of my life was when I got clean and sober. And the third best day of my life is what just happened right now.”