Must Watch: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s ‘Despair’ is Delicately Delightful

June 24, 2013 By:

In case you needed more proof that Karen O is a badass, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have released their new video “Despair.”

From the second Karen jerks awake from boozy slumber to her final skyscraper happy dance, it's impossible not to like her. The video arrives today via Noisey, and encompasses the vertical girth of New York City, taking viewers from the bellows of the subway to the tippy top of the Empire State Building. We follow the female force as she chants over sporadic drums and a building track, finally drifting away via a classic Hollywood helicopter shot. 

On the heels of "Sacrilege," “Despair” is the second single to get an epic video from the band’s fourth LP, Mosquito. Watch the official video below.