This Year's Naughty and Nice List

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This Year's Naughty and Nice List
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Santa Claus is coming to town. He's made his list, and checked it twice to find out who's been naughty or nice. 

So let's have at it. Who the hell has been naughty this year and who's been nice?


Nicki Minaj 


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Nicki killed it this year with all her bootylicious photos. Starting with the "Anaconda" cover to the video itself to the "Only" video to her 2015 calendar. The booty can't stop and it won't stop.

Verdict? Naughty.




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it's been another spectacular year for our New Zealand princess Lorde. She's gained some new friends, curated a soundtrack, and the list just goes on. Besides all that, we really commend her for sticking up for her BFF Taylor Swift when Diplo made her the butt of his joke.

Verdict? Nice.


Ed Sheeran


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Oh, Ed. You probably already know which list he's going to be on. But regardless we love Ed for being such a great guy! He celebrated his Grammy nominations this year by buying rounds of drinks for complete strangers at a dive bar all night long.

Verdict? Nice.




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Usher made his comeback this year, and pretty strong too. He released "Good Kisser" and another collaborative single called "New Flame" with Chris Brown and Rick Ross. Both singles have been nominated for Grammy awards. As well as releasing music, he partied it up in Miami for Art Basel like many other celebs. But unlike many other celebs, he took part in an immersive art piece and charged his phone in a woman's vagina. Yep, that happened.

Verdict? Naughty.


Snoop Dogg


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Oh, Snoop. These past few months have been pretty weird and sort of silly for him. He's dressed up as "a white guy named Todd", and trolled some more people on Instagram. One person he chose to victimize was none other than Iggy Azalea. Although he did "apologize", some of the trolling pictures were uncalled for.

Verdict? Naughty.


Harry Styles


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This one's a hard one, right? Harry Styles is known to be a bad boy player, which would land him right on the naughty list, but surprisingly he was pretty good this year. When asked about all the songs that Taylor Swift wrote about him, Harry played it off effortlessly cool. Maybe he's not so bad after all.

Verdict? Nice.