Young Jeezy Announces New Album: Thug Motivation 103 Drops This Fall

July 27, 2011 By:
Young Jeezy Announces New Album: Thug Motivation 103 Drops This Fall

Young Jeezy, most famous for his appearance on other artists singles, such as Ushers, “Love in this Club,” is finally releasing a new album and tour. 

He hasn’t released new music since 2008 and says his next album, “Thug Motivation 103” will drop this fall along with a 5-week 31-city tour that kicks off in two days (July 29) in Dallas.

All Young Jeezy’s previous albums are thug-like play-on-words. His debut unsigned album was “Thuggin’ Under the Influence” like driving under the influence, get it?

His first album with Def Jam Records was “Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101” which is supposed to sound like some kind of thug college course, get it?

Keeping with the text-book thug theme, his next album was “Thug Motivation 102” and no surprise here, his anticipated new album is “Thug Motivation 103.”

Congratulations, if you listen to all his albums in succession you will have completed your entire thug training.

Although I can’t recall any Young Jeezy singles to save my life, his upcoming album is a who’s-who in the rap industry. “Thug Motivation 103” features artists like Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Drake, and Andre 3000 and Kanye West and Jay-Z made cameo performances at Jeezy’s show on Monday night as well.

If you want to see Jeezy do his thing live, his tour kicks off on July 29 and wraps up on September 2, 2011 in Seattle.