Does One Direction's Zayn Malik Have a Drug Problem?

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Does One Direction's Zayn Malik Have a Drug Problem?
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15,000 One Direction fans packed into Universal Orlando Resort on Monday to watch the boys take over the "Today Show". But something wasn't quite right… there were only four band members present.

"Today Show" host Matt Lauer got right to the point and immediately asked the question on everyone's mind, "Where's Zayn?" Liam Payne quickly jumped in to answer, "He's got a tummy bug so he's not very well." 

Matt Lauer wasn't having it and probed deeper. "There's obviously a lot of concern, a lot of fans have been tweeting overnight. Is it something more serious? There have been rumors of substance abuse. What's going on?"

Liam, taken aback by Matt's blunt question, reassured him once again it was just a stomach flu.

See the awkward interaction:

Wow, Matt Lauer. Don't you know the Directioners won't be taking this lightly? When Jon Stewart joked about 1D being a terrorist group on the "Daily Show", fans sent death threats his way. 


Surprise, surprise. Directioners went HAM on Twitter against Matt Lauer.


Zayn also heard about the drug abuse allegations and spoke to British newspaper The Sun to clear his name. "I’m really angry and upset by what was said on the 'Today Show'. I was really ill at the weekend, that’s why I couldn’t fly to America."


So what the hell is going on with Zayn? To be fair, this is not the first time that Zayn has missed an appearance. Take for instance, the band's acceptance video for their MTV EMA award.

Fans have taken notice of the change in Zayn's physical appearance, linking it with the drug abuse rumors.


Drug abuse or just a mere stomach illness, we hope you get better soon, Zayn!


See what Stereotude host Albert Lawrence had to say about all these drug abuse rumors: